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Magnet for a refrigerator - an original souvenir or the advertising carrier{bearer}? An advertising magnet - surprisingly effective advertising carrier{bearer}. More all amazes that the advertising message put{rendered} on a magnet, your potential client not only voluntary brings in the house, but also places on one of the most honourable in the house of places - on a refrigerator. And if a magnet with the block for record its{his} presence on a refrigerator finds functional value - it is possible to write notes to members of family or simply to make lists of missing products. One more feature of advertising on magnets - she is perceived without a negative. You can hand over to the potential buyer a magnet on the promo-action, can enclose in packing a product, can send by mail - in any case you, apparently, persuasive To bring  will be apprehended as a gift, a souvenir. No, certainly, everyone will understand, that you simply want, that from you bought more. Someone, probably, even will grin, having thought, what you its{his} client will not make such image. However same someone will bring magnet home, will hang up on a refrigerator, every day on will see it{him} some times. And loyalty of this person to your product or the offer will grow. Certainly, business not that he will look{see} many times at your trade mark and will be convinced, that your company - the best. Important just that the person will not concentrate not read out information, will perceive it{her} casually. In fact taken the place on a refrigerator, the magnet becomes " a subject of an interior ". As a result the advertising message put{rendered} on a magnet, your potential customer perceives in comfortable for it{him} to house conditions.