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   Cutting down and Punching

Cutting down  - operation of branch from the basic sheet material of a flat product by break on the closed contour.
Easier speaking, cutting down is a giving to a product of any non-standard form distinct from rectangular or square. If you need a product at which the round, oval, triangular form or a product in the subsequent will be going to (for example, boxes or folders) such product after a press{seal} is cut down.
This process occurs{happens} as follows: the special stamp  on which by means of sharp and flexible knifes the exact contour of a product is designated is preliminary made. After that the ready stamp is mounted on special пресс (crucible). Then each quire under the big force adjoins to a stamp and in those places where on knifes cost{stand}, cuts{sections} on the closed contour turn out and the finished article is separated from a quire. Such cutting down still can be called figured.
shtancovka is an operation similar to cutting down with that difference, that the material is cut down not on all thickness, but only its{his} part. Especially it is actual for labels and labels when it is necessary that some products were on one leaf{sheet}.
By means of shtancovka punching or рицовка can be done{made} not only cutting down or shtancovka but also bigovca. Such overlapping is very convenient at cutting down of boxes, folders, cards and other products.
More in detail about these operations and about cutting down you can learn{find out} from our managers. We do{make} figured cutting down, shtancovka, and also bigovca, punching and рицовку up to format АЗ +.
We save up{collect} a wide range of stamps for giving the non-standard form it would seem usual products: and so forth