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   Sharp cutter

it is sharp represents technology of exact reproduction of the vector computer image on the self-glued material having a substrate.
For ploter we are sharp use a various elastic self-glued film. Most ploter the film for the outdoor advertising is ORACAL series 641. The given series is presented by 60 color updatings with a glossy and matte surface.
Cамоклеящаяся ploter the film is developed for graphic registration and design by a method of sticky application. It is successfully used outside of premises{rooms} at manufacturing products of the outdoor advertising. In premises{rooms} practically has no restrictions on service life. It is suitable for кратко-and intermediate term registration and design a method тtrafern, Òõ-offset printing, a flexography and silk-screen printing.
Service life
At use on a vertical surface in a Central European normal climate the minimal term of operation at application by experts for a white and black film makes 4 years, for color - 3 years. Temperature of application from-40°С up to +80°С. Temperature of glueing not below +10°С. The standard sizes Width of a roll - 1.00 / 1.26 m; length - 50 m. Temperature of glueing of Film ORACAL should be pasted always at temperature above +8°С. At the first 24 o'clock after glueing it is necessary to watch{keep up} that the temperature essentially did not go down. If, however, it will occur{happen}, additional processing by a hair drier is recommended.
It is sharp 1м.кв.
With sample of the image and drawing of an assembly film

From 7 Ls (including a material)

641 Economy Cal
The description: Soft a film with a brilliant or matte surface.
Substrate: Silikon a cardboard with the covering put{rendered} on the one hand, 135 г/the m providing problemless removal{distance} of a grid. For a white film it is used silikon a cardboard of pale blue color for achievement of more intensive contrast with a font
Glue: Polyacrill the glue providing constant sticking
Application: very well approaches{suits} for processing on cutting plotter installations at manufacturing short-term and intermediate term marks, inscriptions and scenery of external application. At internal application possesses almost unlimited stability. The brilliant surface also is suitable for a digital press{seal} a method termputing (with use of pitch tapes).
larg* (without a protective paper and glue) 0,075 mm
forconcetration (FINAT TM 14)
At glueing on steel in a cross-section direction it is not observed any giving in to measurement усадки, in a longitudinal direction - mask. 0,4 mm
Heat resistance At glueing on aluminium, from-40°С up to +65°С, without changes
Stability to water At glueing on aluminium through 48 час./23°C without changes
Force onputing* (FINAT-TM1, in 24 hours, stainless steel) 16 Н/25мм
Explosive durability (DIN EN ISO 527)
In a longitudinal direction minutes 19 МПа
In a cross-section direction minutes 19 МПа
Lengthening at break (DIN EN ISO 527)
In a longitudinal direction minutes of 130 %
In a cross-section direction minutes of 150 %
Period of storage ** 2 years
Temperature of pasting minutes + 10 °C
Service life at appropriate processing
At vertical external atmospheric influence (a usual Central European climate) black / white: 4 years transparent / color: 3 years a metallic: 3 years
* average value ** in original packing, at 20°С and 50 % of relative humidity of air
The basis on which glueing is made, should be free from a dust, fat and others dortycomponenc which can render negative influence on force of coupling of a material. At performance new lakir them follows making dray within at least three weeks or before full hardening. For definition of compatibility it is necessary to spend applied tests with juzingcarefly varnishes. Besides it is necessary to consider recommendations of company ORAFOL on processing a material. A basis of the resulted{brought} data are our knowledge and practical experience. Owing to variety of various influences during processing and applications we recommend to spend tests of our products for special scopes  own experiences. The data given by us do not contain obligatory from the legal point of view of a guarantee of the certain properties